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We have to make the world a better place, albeit with small steps at a time. This belief led us to the creation of a benevolent fund HLE Cares which was established with our small helping hands, impacting on people who have been less privileged. And what more than leading a children to education, which will enable them to be a global citizen and open an ocean of opportunities for them.

We always consider we are responsible to give something back to the society in which we operate. With a chance to create a new life for somebody, we believe it’s through education we can transform and enrich lives.


The general objective of this program is to be committed to the cause of providing the right to education for children living and working at difficult circumstances, and ensure them the liberty to enjoy their childhood through education and awareness opportunities.

Specific Objective

  • To help children with disadvantaged background for their education
  • To assist people who are working with similar vision as ours and work together
  • To encourage HLE Nepal team to get involved in areas like mentoring and volunteering

Focus Group

The followings are the target groups of the Education Support Program of HLE Cares.

  • Children of low income families
  • Street and homeless children
  • Orphans and abandoned children
  • Rural poor children
  • Children of oppressed castes, ethnic minorities and backward communities
  • Children with disabilities


Direct Resource Mobilization

  • Staff can donate the money, clothes etc to HLE Cares which will be utilized in the project involved.
  • Staff can also get involved in volunteering activities by contributing their time for activities such as mentoring the students.

Collaboration with Organizations

Asha Foundation

HLE Cares is supporting Asha foundation in two projects.

  • Good Oil Project : This project is a student-oriented project aiming at increasing the attendance of students in rural schools. It is managed in close partnership by The Asha Foundation (Australian NGO), The Good Oil Project Committee, and the School committee/Parents committee.An issue was identified through conversation with concerned members of the community regarding school attendance and dropout rates. In particular, female students were often kept at home to help with farm work and therefore were devoid of educational opportunities. Subsequent discussions with the community identified a plausible solution to this problem as providing cooking oil, paper, and pens monthly to families with school-attending children.
  • Hiring New Teacher : HLE Cares agrees to assist Asha Foundation by helping to appoint project managers. To improve the quality of education, it helps to provide qualified teachers to Bachhala Lower Secondary School located in Nuwakot, by collaborating with Dharmik Nepal. Salaries for project manager and teachers are funded by HLE Cares upon mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Samaanta Foundation

  • The foundation offers a unique fellowship program for academically bright yet economically disadvantaged young people who have just finished their SLC exams from public schools. This allows young people, who would otherwise not afford, to develop up to their full potential and go on to make a difference in their families, communities and the country.
  • HLE Cares has been providing financial support worth of minimum of Rs. 100,000 per month to Samaanta Foundation as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Samaanta Foundation uses the funds for academic expenses of Samaanta fellows. Eligible expense includes, but is not limited to, tuition, stationery, uniform, transportation, and all other college expenses.
  • Besides financial support, HLE Cares is also supporting the foundation in mentorship of the fellows, networking for jobs and internships, organizing extra-curricular activities, and support the overall fellowship program. In addition, it also supports the foundation in maintaining its financial records. The foundation have agreed to work in alliance with the representative of HLE Cares. It will keep the project head updated with all activities and new partnerships.

In our journey towards helping the less fortunate, we have partnered with three different organisations so far:

  • Aama ko Ghar

    Aama ko Ghar is a social service organisation which helps senior citizens and children by providing shelter and security.

    This organisation is run by Dil Shova Shrestha.

    In October 2013, HLE Cares sponsored a lunch program for 70 senior citizens and street children. Clothes were also donated at the program.

  • Prayas

    Prayas is a non-profit organisation working for the welfare of street children and drug users. The organisation involved in several activities such as providing day care and counselling services to street children. Prayas also works with street children, drug users and PLHIV people and refers them to rehabilitation centres and V.C.T. centres.

    This organisation is run by Elisha Shrestha and Anirudh Chettri. They can be contacted on prayas.we@gmail.com. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

    In April 2014, HLE Cares helped set up a classroom by donating three sets of tables, six desks, one bookshelf and some desktop computer along with various educational materials.

  • CYF (Children & Youth First)

    CYF provides a home for children whose parents cannot afford to take care of them. They provide them with food, education, shelter and most importantly a nurturing environment.

    This organisation is run by Haushala Thapa. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

    Since 2013 HLE Cares, has been sponsoring one child – Sabina who used to live on the streets with her parents. In March 2014, the team also visited CYF and hosted a small art competition for the children.

It will only take you about an hour a day equally important or less, depending on the length of your post.