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Reviews by Home Loan Experts staff on Job Advisor

“A place to learn and earn”

  • A lot of opportunities to grow in own and other departments.
  • Trainings to sharpen your knowledge and boost performance.
  • Not a place for one who can’t take initiatives and lacks a “I can do it” attitude.

“Absolutely amazing workplace!”

  • A great workplace which offers immense opportunities to grow & learn. You just don’t grow professionally but personally too. Very motivating & appreciative team.
  • It might be a little tough for those who can’t cope with changes

“The best place I’ve worked till now!”

  • I think the best thing about this job is being allowed to undergo training and try new things. We’re also constantly being encouraged to do more at our respective roles and to go beyond just doing our job. Another major plus point is being able to work with all young people so we have fun both in and out of the office.
  • Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to try new things so if you don’t like to experiment or shake up the status quo then you may not do well here.

“A Career – Not a Job!”

  • Great opportunities available for enthusiastic employees who want to grow professionally and expand their skill set. You’ll not only feel like part of the business, but that you’re helping build the business. Forward thinking company that empowers their staff to achieve results.
  • If you’re just a chair warmer you won’t fit in around here.

“Great Work Culture!”

  • Young yet professional workforce
  • Friendly work environment
  • Flexible work hours
  • Excellent training program
  • Ample opportunities for growth
  • Ample opportunities for growth
  • Great communication within staff and managers
  • Trusting and unbiased managers
  • Management’s use of pull motivation
  • Its pros can be cons if mis-utilized by staff or if trust is broken.

“Awesome place to learn and grow!”

  • The amount of training given must be worth thousands of dollars!!! They give you the opportunity and lots of support to grow and take on responsibilities to improve your skills to the best of your ability.
  • You know you’ve been rewarded once you see the results 🙂 I love the young, friendly environment – a balance of both professionalism and craziness.
  • You must be constantly self-motivated to grow which may be a drag for some people.

“Learn and earn in a supportive environment”

  • Educational opportunities that you drive yourself
  • Work hard and get rewarded
  • Young professionals working hard and playing hard
  • You need to be self-driven to succeed which may be a con for some people

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